The Grand Orient of Switzerland (hereafter G.O.S.) is a Federation of Masonic Lodges that meet in the Helvetian Confederation. 

It is constituted as an association, as defined in the Article 60 of the Civil Code of Switzerland. 

The G.O.S. coordinates, gathers and informs the Lodges that it is composed of, and nurtures brotherly and constructive relationships with other Masonic bodies in Switzerland and abroad.

The G.O.S. is a masculine Masonic body -- others are feminine or co-ed -- gathering Lodges that work within several rites. 

It thus gathers men, all different in nature, who work in Lodges with different sensibilities. Interestingly, a big majority of these Lodges welcome with great pleasure visiting Sisters from other Masonic Bodies.

The aim of the Grand Orient of Switzerland is to promote Freemasonry as an initiatory Order, traditional, liberal and adogmatic. 

In other words, the G.O.S., signatory of the Appel de Strasbourg and defender of Human Rights, provides its Lodges, and thus its members, with a total freedom of thought. 

It thus welcomes all men, regardless of race, religion, social status, philosophical and political ideals, as long as they are compatible with honour and Swiss laws.

Today's Grand Orient of Switzerland sees itself as both traditional and evolutive. 

Traditional in the Rite and in the perenniality of humanistic and brotherly values of the Royal Craft; Evolutive because Masons in the Grand Orient of Switzerland hear the world, 

and do not remain insensitive to the events that, too often, crush the weak. 

A Freemason from the Grand Orient of Switzerland must be considered as a modern and responsible man, an engaged citizen, who constantly takes part in humanitarian actions, for the greater good.

If this way of living is close to your personal convictions, do not hesitate to contact us directly, or one of our Lodges. 

And if this path leads to your becoming a Mason, I will maybe have the pleasure and the honour to meet you in one of our Lodges.

Christophe Ravel

Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Switzerland