Freemasonry is a universal and traditional initiatory order grounded in Tolerance and Brotherhood. 

It constitutes an alliance of men, free and of good standing, of all races, of all nationalities and all confessions.

Freemasonry aims at perfecting the individual and mankind. To this end, Freemasons work towards the constant perfection of the human condition.

Freemasons do not accept any limit to their search, nor do they impose any constraint to their reflection. They respect other's right for free thinking and its expression. 

They seek the conciliation of contraries and want to unit men in the practice of a universal consciousness in the respect of everyone's personalities.

Freemasons must respect the laws and the legitimate authority of the country they live in and gather freely. 

They are the enlightened citizens and abide by the rules dictated by the conscience. By practicing the Royal Craft, they make sure traditional rules and customs of the Order are followed.